A bit about me.


I am a Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Joseph Zilber School of Public Health.

I am interested in how microbes affect biogeochemical cycles and public health. My Ph.D. research focused on harmful algal blooms, including toxin production, in eutrophic lakes. I have continued much of that work and am also involved in several projects ranging from fecal coliform contamination in the Great Lakes to modeling environmental pollutants and improving drinking water treatment processes. 



  • Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • M.S. Oceanography, University of Hawaii-Manoa
  • B.S. Biology and Chemistry, Marian University
  • Study abroad, British Art and History, Harlaxton College, England
  • REU, Microbiology, University of Iowa

Current appointments

  • Postdoctoral Researcher, UW-Milwaukee
  • Project Leader, UW-Milwaukee -- City of Milwaukee Beach Health Program